Our Solutions

With flexible APIs and compatibility with any programming language, the Inovio platform makes it easy to set up and customize your desired payment experience. Following are some of our key solutions you may want to incorporate.


Global eCommerce Gateway

Flexible, Intelligent and 3D Secure


The Inovio payments gateway will integrate with your ecommerce business to deliver secure processing with a global outlook. Our platform offers a seamless merchant and customer experience for credit card transactions, US ACH, US and EU direct debit, worldwide SMS, and electronic cash payments. With multi-currency support and 3-D Secure authentication, our intelligent transaction routing maximizes approvals while also reducing fraud, downgraded transactions, surcharges, returns, and chargebacks.


Product Catalog

Deliver accuracy and consistency


Our solution enables you to set up an online catalog including all your products. Your product-by-product pricing is linked to your payment system to ensure accuracy and improve your customers’ experience. Merchants can also remove the hassle of managing products with monthly subscriptions and let Inovio manage the monthly rebills.


Hosted Checkout

Online payments with built-in PCI Compliance


Inovio’s Hosted Checkout page makes it easy for merchants to accept payments online without actually interacting with customer data themselves. Since we are PCI compliant, merchants with our hosted checkout page are PCI compliant, providing unsurpassed security for customer account data. Customizable with tailored branding and more, Inovio’s Hosted Checkout page supports international merchants, multiple currencies, intelligent routing, tokenization, and end-to-end encryption.


Hosted Payment Form

Fully customized payment pages


Merchants who host their own checkout pages can easily integrate our Hosted Payment Forms into their pages while retaining all branding and unique user experiences. Using a customizable iFrame, Inovio helps you maintain a consistent look and feel as we gather customer data, providing all the security, currency and routing support outlined for our Hosted Checkout page.


Virtual POS

Your powerful online point-of-sale


The Inovio Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) is a web-based application that enables merchants to process phone, mail or online transactions without dedicated hardware or phone lines. There is no integration necessary — simply log in online to process payments. VPOS complements existing POS and ecommerce solutions and provides all the functionality of a traditional point-of-sale terminal, including credit card transactions, authorizations, refunds, voids, and adjustments.


Recurring Billing

Serve repeat and subscription customers


Our recurring billing solution simplifies payments for repeat customers and eases management for subscription and membership services. You can securely store data, manage customer profiles, and keep data accurate for the long term with card account updater notifications. You can even build in free or discounted trials, timed/automatic upgrade features, flexible billing schedules, and special rates for repeat customers.


Risk Mitigation and Fraud Prevention

Encryption, tokenization, and additional security


Our multi-layered data security includes 3-D Secure authentication, encryption for sensitive customer data, and tokenization to convert payment data into random strings of characters unusable to outsiders. In addition, our real-time risk monitoring system analyzes the data patterns of customers, transactions, and affiliates to identify suspicious activity before damage is done. Powerful reporting tools, blacklist reference, and automated chargeback mitigation further protect merchants from fraud.


Easy PCI Compliance

Let us worry about data security


Inovio is a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level 1 Compliant Processor, and our solutions help reduce or eliminate the PCI burden for merchants by ensuring elite data security. In cases such as our Hosted Checkout solution, a merchant (and the merchant’s website) never actually interacts with customer data, so the PCI burden falls on us, not the merchant. No matter which solution you choose, we’ll reduce your PCI burden by going above and beyond to keep data safe.

Our 3rd Party Integration Partners

Inovio is proud to integrate with these third-party providers.