Payment Service Gateway API


The Gateway API is designed to enable merchants to communicate and process online transactions with the payment gateway’s transaction processing system. The API serves as a bridge between a merchant’s website and various financial institutions in processing real-time payment transactions using various currencies. In addition to being able to process payments, merchants can use this documentation to implement 3-D secure transactions, recurring transactions, cross-sales, tokenization, and other features to customize the process of online payments.


Portal Service


This document includes risk management tools, Order and Customer reporting, and chargeback management.


Postback Service


Postback (aka “Webhooks”) is Inovio’s way of communicating important payment processing and customer-related information to a merchant’s system in real-time. A postback is triggered by events such as new purchase requests, rebills, subscription changes, cancellations, transaction reversal, chargebacks and others. Merchants can configure multiple postback endpoints and customize where the information is posted. Postback helps ensure merchants have the most up-to-date transaction data, and it can be used to sync information between a merchant’s system and Inovio. This documentation provides details on what type of events will trigger a postback and what kind of data will be sent in real time in association with each event.


Hosted Payment Page


Inovio provides the option for merchants to generate purchase pages that can be used by customers to make online purchases. By using Inovio purchase pages, merchants reduce their PCI compliance requirements. This documentation shows how to generate purchase pages for products that have been pre-configured in Inovio, or to generate products in conjunction with the purchase pages. Additional information outlines how to configure purchase pages to process transactions using various currencies, as well as ways to further customize the pages to match the needs of the merchant.